Training Brief

KVS ZIET GWALIOR welcomes the participants nominated to attend various courses to the Institute. 

The participants may kindly note that -

1. They may bring with them Text Books, Supplementary Readers, Exercise Books, and refrerence Books, if any, available with them while coming to attend the course

2. They may also bring with them their e materials, project reports and other materials produced by them which are relevant for the course to which they are deputed

3. As the training programmes are for the purpose of Employee/Teacher Empowerment, the participants are welcome to present their experiences relevant to the course for a short duration of 20 to 30 minutes. To do that they may bring with them relevant support materials such as write ups, questionnaires, check lists, discussion points, PPT etc

4. Participants may feel free to write to the Director of the Institute their view, opinions, ideas etc for strenthening the training processes for the benefit of the KVS employees.

The participants may also bring with them -

1. A mosquito net

2. Torch light

3. Umbrella, cap etc during Summer

4. Winter Blanket, sweaters, muflers etc during the Winter Season

The Training Institute requires the total involvement of participants.

Reaching the training Institute on the first day of the course to staying back till the end of the course on the last day are essential, as late coming and request for early leaving may affect the overall objectives of conducting the course.

They are further requested to ensure that they come to participate with out bringing with them their spouses, relatives, children etc., as presence additional members cause strain on the administration besides affecting the overall learning ambiance of the Institute.


Deputy Commissioner/Director